Wednesday, 15 October 2014

JENESYS JAPAN 2.0 Experience: Day 4

It was finally time for all the teams to head out to their designated areas!!! My team was destined for Kagoshima, located on the most southern island of Japan, Kyuushuu. (This was my first time visiting Kyuushuu!!!)

In order to reach Kagoshima, we needed to take a plane from Narita Airport to Kagoshima Airport. 

On the plane we received a bento box for lunch ~
The flight only took about 2 hours. After landing, we boarded a bus which would take us to Kanoya City! 

As soon as we got outside, I could tell how different this area was in comparison to the bustling Tokyo. Thousands of green trees surrounding us, the area was just so lush! 

Kyuushuu Soy Sauce flavoured chips

Our bus trip was quite lengthy, so along the way we stopped by a conbini. Even in the middle of no where, they have conbinis everywhere!!! I found a packet of Calbee chips which were Kyuushuu Soy Sauce flavoured, and I just had to try them. (Every region of Japan has different flavoured snacks/foods) The flavour was quite nice, I hope I'll be able to find them outside of Kyuushuu to eat them again!

Finally we reached Kanoya City and we were welcomed to the city by the Local Government/Council officials at their centre. As we walked into the room, the members of the government stood around waving all our countries flags like crazy, celebrating our arrival. It was so adorable! Even the mascots of Kanoya joined in! (There are mascots for everything in Japan-cities, companies, sporting events)  A few speeches were said by Japanese officials and one of my team mates, and then it was time to take a few photos with the mascots and head off again.

Our next stop was the Kanoya Asia Pacific International Centre, otherwise known as the KAPIC Centre. This centre hosts international students and introduced them to Japanese culture. Our team would be spending 1 night here. 

As soon as we arrived, we were taken to a room where a lady performed the traditional dance used during Kanoya's summer festival. We all watched a video of the dance during last years summer festival. The lady told us they dance during that festival continuously for hours on end!! Apparently everyone in Kanoya knew this dance, so we had to learn it too!

Everyone stood up in a circle as the lady kindly taught us all the moves and eventually we all got the hang of it in the end.

After we finished dancing, we were placed into cabin groups.

These were the views from outside our bedrooms! Isn't it beautiful!? I really love the country area in Japan.. ♡

For the bedrooms, I was paired up with a lovely girl from Brunei. Honestly, I didn't know much about her culture or country, so it was super interesting to learn so much about it!! Her and I got along very well, so we didn't sleep until 1 or 2am since we were talking all night. (๑′ᴗ'๑)ღ

That's pretty much all we did that day, because a lot of time was taken up by travelling around. Tomorrow we had a huge day ahead of us

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  1. Beautiful photos you have captured, thanks for sharing.

    I hope you had alot of fun!!

    恵美より ♥