Tuesday, 25 March 2014

March 2014: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu comes to Sydney!

My dreams came true last weekend when KPP came to Sydney for her NandaCollection Tour last weekend.

This was Kyary's first trip to Australia, and she was very excited to "see if koalas really existed in Australia". Kyary was unable to make it down under on her first world tour, so every Aussie KPP fan was anxiously anticipating her arrival and performance at UNSW Roundhouse.

1st day: 1日目

Kyary arrived in Sydney on Saturday morning, the 22nd of March.
In countries such as China or Singapore fans wait to welcome KPP to their country, so I decided I wanted to welcome her to my hometown Sydney too!

The only problem was when will KPP arrive? I had no idea.. no one released any information about which flight!! So I made a brave guess it would be either the JAL or Qantas flight on that Saturday morning.

Waking up at 5:30am to get ready and be at the airport by 6:50am, I eagerly waited for her arrival.
Countless people left the airport, and eventually... 2 hours later Kyary arrived!

"きゃりーちゃん!!!” I yelled.

I couldn't believe it she actually arrived and was standing right in front of me. grdhotifglgsrifoc

I greeted her in Japanese and she said "hello" to me in English. Her 'hello' was so adorably.. I died.

KPP & meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I gave her a small gift I prepared the night before (a koala soft toy, a letter, and a few vegemite sachets (lol)). She then signed my special Japanese sign board and we took a perfect photo.
People in 'Team Kyary' were taking a couple of photos and then she had to leave.

KPP posed with the koala soft toy I gave her!

On Kyary's first day in Sydney she went around Darling Harbour, the aquarium and to the wildlife park.
from @pamyurin (twitter)

from @pamyurin (twitter)

2nd day: 2日目

Kyary's official facebook page posted an announcement that Kyary would be performing on Sunrise on the 23rd at 10am, and that Kyary would love to meet her fans.

With that being said, all of Kyary's biggest fans from Australia headed over to Sunrise to cheer her on. There were quite a few fans waiting, maybe around 100... I even met a lovely girl named Laura from tumblr! We ended up hanging out all day too.

Kyary came out at 10am dressed up ready to perform Fashion Monster. She ran through 3 runs. The first a dance check, the second a sound check and then the real version. (How lucky were we!?!?) During the live version we were told to scream and go crazy.. since we were being filmed!! I even made a sign "きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ大好きー!♡” for the event.

Also, we saw the 'Kyary Team' put a bit of lipstick on her, fix her hair and dress. !! It felt like we were backstage(*´ω`*)  2 very lucky fans won signed copies of her CDs too!

KPP performed 'Fashion Monster'

After her performance, Kyary came out to greet all of us. She came super super super close to us all!!!!!!!!! Many of us, including myself, even got to shake hands with her... *faints*

After that she was escorted into a getaway car and it was time to head over to UNSW Roundhouse for her concert!

Although the concert doors opened at 7pm, fans often wait in line hours before one of KPP's concerts.. So in order to get a front spot and purchase merchandise it was necessary to wait in line for 6 hours(´・ω・`)  I made some cool, new friends during that time and it certainly didn't feel as long as it sounded. Mainly because we were all superrrr excited!♡

My new friend, Nami & I! 
New friends\(^o^)/

At 7pm the doors opened for us and everyone ran inside once their tickets had been scanned. I ran  to get merchandise straight away. (It sells out FAST!) There were inflatable pamyurins, stickers, World Tour Photo books, t-shirts, jackets, CDs and fan towels available. I bought myself the green NandaCollection World Tour 2014 t-shirt, and the 2013 World Tour Photo Book... Then quickly rushed over to meet my friends in the mosh pit.

KPP's stage!

 Kyary was super glad because she was able to bring some stage props, unlike on her previous world tour. Didn't her stage look incredible? ( ♥ᴗ♥ )

The entire audience was chanting 'KYARY, KYARY, KYARY' just before 8pm. And with that, the the Nandacollection song played and then Kyary ran out onto the stage. She opened with 'Invader Invader', and boy was the crowd super excited, loud and screaming like crazy.

2nd costume
Kyary went through 4 different costumes for the concert, each one just as colourful and amazing as the last.
First costume

3rd costume
4th costume 

Kyary spoke English and Japanese throughout the concert during her intermissions. She tried her best to speak English and it was super adorable. My favourite line was before her encore when she came out wearing koala ears and said 'I am a koala'.


KPP ended the concert with 'Chanchakachanchan' i.e. "see you, see you, see you again" . KPP took a group photo with all of us and that was that.

Overall the whole experience of Kyary coming to Sydney was incredible, and I'll never ever forget it!!! Thank-you so much for visiting us down under, KPP! Please come back soon~ ♡

Also, the set list was :
Super Scooter Happy

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  1. That was an amazing wrap up of her very quick visit.
    I flew from up from Melbourne & saw her both at Sunrise & UNSW.

    Congrats on the personal photo with KPP.