Friday, 15 November 2013

Cool Fashion Point #1・ファッションポイント#1

Large T-Shirts

Have you ever felt like wearing something really large, comfortable yet can be stylish at the same time? But, you have absolutely no idea what clothing falls under this category? Well here is your answer!

Me: Red, black and white. 
Large shirts are your solution. ♡ They are easy to wear and are even fun to play with - you can mix various accessories, hair styles and colours without the look becoming too overcrowded. 

source: either or
Black T-shirts are a popular colour with this look. The black colour allows other colours from shoes/ hair/bracelets, etc to stand out. An interesting hair style can also be emphasised through this style. 

Fashion sensation KPP loves large T-shirts!
She loves sleeping in her large T-shirt and then wearing it straight after she wakes up.
T-shirts can be bought anywhere and usually are not too expensive! Often sizes 8 or 10 can sold out quickly, with only the larger sizes remaining. However, since you want to trend this awesome large T-shirt look, this is lucky for you!

ADIDAS T-shirts are very popular in the Harajuku fashion scene and when it comes to larger shirts Adidas ones often prevail.


Advice when wearing large T-shirts!

  • Size 12+ (or XL) 
  • Platform shoes (this makes the large shirt stand out more)
  • Hair in plaits, high buns
  • Use a bandana or wear a cap
  • Accessories with bracelets, tattoo tights/stockings, colourful socks

Try this look out one day for yourself. Have fun fashionistas. 

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