Sunday, 27 October 2013

2013: Meeting Kurumi Nakada in Sydney (中田クルミ) [ZIPPER MODEL]

Have you heard of or seen this girl before?
Kurumi Nakada is a Japanese Harajuku model. She models for magazines such as Nylon, Zipper and frequently appears in FRUiTS. If you've ever seen HARAJUKU KAWAII TV, she often appears there too. ♡ Kurumi is very popular in the Harajuku scene and amongst many young aspiring girls.

Kurumi recently came to Sydney to DJ at the Albion Hotel, which is where I had the opportunity to meet her!!!!!!!!( ♥ᴗ♥ )

JAPA SOUL - event where Kurumi DJ'd at

I only knew heard she was coming the night before as it was not advertised at all - only through her own personal instagram where she wrote in Japanese : "I'm off to Australia!". When I saw that I quickly tweeted her where she was going and she replied letting me know about the event. So I was veryyyy lucky to have found out just in time. (Also thanks to a friend to tagged me in her insta-post)
Kurumi ouside ALBION PLACE HOTEL, Sydney

I honestly expected it to be very crowded and I wouldn't even have the opportunity to meet her, but luckily I came before the event started and there was plenty of time. I wanted to give her a small gift so I bought her some Australian chocolates - Caramello Koalas and Timtams (hopefully she likes chocolate) and brought along my FRUiTS magazine to get signed.

 I came up to her and nervously said "Uh.. Kurumi-chan.. here is a present for you" , and she was so surprised ! She was very happy and then we chatted a little bit. Kurumi was super glad I came to visit her and was very very kind. I was very surprised, her English was quite good! She pointed to my Nadia clothing and even told me she used to work there. (I didn't know that :o)

Kurumi then signed my FRUiTS magazine, while her friend was making a video of us ! (lol)

( ♥ᴗ♥ )

My friends took a few photos of us together and then Kurumi's friend took one of us, and then even Kurumi got one taken on her personal iphone!!!!!! I was so stoked.♡♡

Unfortunately I didn't stay for her DJ event because it was rather expensive for entry and I didn't have friends who could stay. But I'm sure I'll meet her again one day in Harajuku! (hopefully)

Once we left I checked Kurumi's instagram and she upload our photo together and wrote the sweetest message.. I was so happy - I screamed. hehe.  ありがとうクルミちゃん!!!!

She wrote about our encounter on her ameba blog too:










It roughly translates to:
"Are you Kurumi?
I came to meet you!"

I am so deeply moved,
I was so happy I felt like I was about to cry...(;ω;)
This girls says she watches HARAJUKU KAWAII TV
and is trying to learn Japanese, good luck ! ! 

I am so impressed this girl knows me and came to meet me, I have worked diligently in my work and this proves it wasn't a waste of time doing so... (;ω;)(;ω;)(;ω;)"

Uahhhhhh, I am SO glad that I made HER glad! This message was so sweet, beautiful and kind... I am honestly so touched. Thanks Kurumi, I hope you come back to Sydney soon and enjoy your time here. ♡

Check out Kurumi on all of her social media websites below and be sure to follow her!


Also, here's my code for the day! (^_-)-☆


  1. this is so awesome!

  2. sooooooooooo cute!

  3. Never heard of her before, but she looks really cute! You're lucky, I've never met any of my fashion-idols ; ^ ;
    And your outfit is pretty cool, I like those oversized jackets.

    1. You're right, I was very lucky meeting her, Kurumi is very popular in Japan and hard to meet there!

      I love Kurumi's style too - it's very cool and edgy, but also cute!
      I hope you've become a fan of Kurumi now too~

      Thanks for reading and leaving a comment!

  4. She's a really cutie pie! I really like her and admire her, I'm glad to know she actually has the warmest heart ever, you're so lucky! I got so excited reading this!

    1. I was surprised just how kind she was...she was so sweet. After meeting her, it made me like her even more!! ♡ I hope you have the opportunity to meet her one day, I know she'd be happy. (^^)

      Thanks for reading and leaving a comment!

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