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A Guide For The Best Harajuku Fashion Shops - Trendy & Chic

Are you heading to Harajuku anytime soon?
If so, you definitely need to check out my top 8 Harajuku stores.
*NB: Not in any specific order

Number 1: Candy Stripper

Candy Stripper apparel is often seen on the streets of Harajuku and any trendy girl will definitely love this store!♡
Candy Stripper, Harajuku

 The popular Amo and Ayamo frequently model for the Candy Stripper online website and JPOP star Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is often seen wearing Candy Stripper clothing.

*Nb: Candy Stripper is quite expensive 

Number 2: Tokyo Bopper

If you're a true Harajuku gal, you're sure to own a pair of boppers! 
The Tokyo Bopper store on Cat Street opened in 1994 and has been popular ever since. Their diverse range of unique shoes is what captured the hearts of many fashionists, and what made Tokyo Bopper become an icon of Harajuku street style. 
Tokyo Bopper, Harajuku
The cost for a pair of Bopper will range from aprox $150-$400 (AUD), depending on which style you buy. Although that is rather expensive, Tokyo Bopper is high quality and made in Japan. They will not deteriorate quickly, providing you care for them well. I would highly recommend buying a pair!

I can also guarantee you that any FRUiTS magazine will feature a pair of these shoes! 

FRUiTS (wearing Tokyo Bopper)

Number 3: Nadia Flores En El Corzan

Nadia, Harajuku
Nadia has recently boomed in popularity among young girls interested in fashion. 
Items range from apparel, to tattoo stockings, tote bags, beanies, shoes and interesting accessories (iphone cases, earrings, rings, stickers). 

The Nadia tote bag is also an icon of Harajuku.

Even popular Zipper model Manitas used to work at Nadia! (She's now working at Pin Nap). 

Personally, I find Nadia quite cheap and affordable! Clothing ranges from $20- $100, and everything is great quality, not to mention super stylish.(^_-)-☆ (Nadia is one of my favourite stores, for sure!)

Number 4: SPINNS

Ever since Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's debut, SPINNS has also exploded with popularity, so much popularity that they have opened 2 new stores since and renovated one store! Wow, awesome SPINNS!
SPINNS is a popular, trendy store in Harajuku which frequently sets trends. 
The main SPINNS, Harajuku with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's debut album promotion poster
SPINNS is cheap, yet sell great clothing. The store stocks anything and everything, ranging from 2nd hand clothing to funky shoe laces. I would definitely recommend everyone to check it out, ASAP! I personally love this store. 

Popular Zipper model Seto Ayumi is one of the faces of SPINNS. She often models for their latest clothes and even released her own line of clothing; Namaki. (Exclusively sold at SPINNS). Also, Ayumi recently announced her own brand 'Ammy' will be released soon, so watch out for that one too.

Number 5: Avantgarde Japan

Have you ever wanted a store that only specialises in tights, and just tights alone? Well then Avantgarde Japan is the place for you :-)

However, these are not your average stockings.. Avantgarde sells 'tattoo tights'. And as the name suggests, while wearing these tights it will look like you have a nice tattoo on your leg.
Entrance into Avantgarde Japan
*My photo

Tattoo tights at Avantgarde come in various designs; ranging from your loveable Disney characters, to Jesus and to Chocomoo's (Japanese artist) designs.
Collection of Disney tattoo stockings on the left & Chocomoo on the right
*My photo

There are constantly new designs being released so you'll never know what you'll find! 

Juria Nakagawa - EX shop staff
*Juria was one of the main reasons the tattoo tights boomed in popularity

Not only were tattoo tights a MASSIVE hit in Harajuku, they even went into mainstream fashion (in Japan). Other stores also sell tattoo tights, however they're not the originals (or as cool!).

Number 6: 6% DOKIDOKI 
Outside the entrance to 6% DokiDoki
*My photo

Another well known store in Harajuku is 6% DokiDoki; a magical store with unicorns and pinkness galore. The two main shop staff Vani and Yuka are the faces of the store, however the producer Sebastian Masuda is the man behind this magnificent store. Masuda is very knowledgable about 'kawaii culture' in Japan and loves working with yellow, pink and purple colours as well as various shapes. 

The beautiful and magical interior of 6% DokiDoki

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu was and still is a huge fan of 6% DokiDoki. Ever since she was 16 years old she would visit the store wearing a massive, oversized bow and buy clothing. Masuda has also collaborated with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu quite a few times now. (e.g. ponponpon, tsukema tsukeru). 

Yuka, Masuda, Kyary, Vani

Number 7: Kinji
Kinji Used Fashion
Kinji is a massive 'used' fashion store. Used fashion is 2nd hand/recycled clothing and is quite popular in Japan. However, Kinji (and SPINNS who also stock used clothing) is a little different to your local Vinnies or Salvation Army store. 

Kinji stocks thousands of used clothes, which are not only good quality but super fashionable too! 
The absolute best part of shopping for used fashion is the exclusiveness and great finds that are just waiting to be discovered, by you. Kinji sells various brands of clothing, accessories, shoes and more. This store has great prices, so I recommend you definitely take a look one day and go bargain hunting!

Manapyon, a member of the shop staff at Kinji, is a admired by many and quite popular in Harajuku.
*My photo

Number 8: Prisila

Prisila, Harajuku

NO WIGS, NO LIFE! is the slogan for the popular wig store Prisila in Harajuku. 
Prisila sells wigs in many different designs, colours and shapes. Wigs are quite popular in Japan and allow individuals to change their appearance for a while.Why not be blonde for a day, and then the next day have a short black bob hair cut? 

Even Kyary loves wigs!!!
(KPP often wears Prisila wigs)

Check out KPP's tour of Prisila on youtube:

Well that's it for my top 8!
I hope you will be able to experience Harajuku too and shop there someday. ♡

Online websites:

Let me know if there are any other stores you would like to recommend or if you have any questions.

Other great shops to also visit:
  • Panama Boy
  • Kinsella
  • Monomania
  • Pinnap
  • Adidas Originals
  • Bubbles
  • Galaxxxy (Inside La foret Harajuku)
  • Milk


  1. I loved the same ones as you !
    ahh.. nostalgia~~

    1. Hehe, aren't they just perfect? ♡
      I bought so many clothes there, & I bet you did too! Are you going to travel back to Japan anytime soon? :)

      I can't wait to go back and shop there next year!!!!

  2. Great post ! (^▽^)
    I never heard about Kinji before! Thank you!
    I love spinns, pinnap, Nadia, bubbles and galaxxxy! I can't wait to finally spend my money at these shops . Ofc i'm looking forward to discover many other shops (^ω^)

    1. Thanks !
      You definitely need to check out Kinji then (^-^)
      Are you travelling to Japan anytime soon?